Sales Cloud Demo 1

Sales Cloud Demo 1

  • Install PDF Butler, self-register and add the configuration for the Sales Cloud Demo.
This demo will create a Quote document starting from an Opportunity.
From the Opportunity, the following information will be used:

  • Opportunity:
    • Id
    • StageName
    • Amount
    • ExpectedRevenue
    • CloseDate
  • Account: This is the Account linked to the Opportunity
    • AccountNumber
    • BillingAddress
    • BillingPostalCode
    • BillingStreet
    • BillingCity
  • Opportunity Products:
    • Name
    • ListPrice
    • TotalPrice
    • Description
    • OpportunityId
    • Quantity
  • Opportunity Roles: We will use the primary Contact Role in this demo so make sure this one is set
    • Is Primary
    • Contact
  • Contact: Update this data to the contact that is linked to the Primary Contact Role
    • FirstName
    • LastName
    • Full Name
    • AssistantPhone/Phone/HomePhone/MobilePhone/OtherPhone (any of these will do)
    • Email
    • Title
  • User: This is the Owner of the Opportunity
    • Name
    • Title

Paste in your domain...

... And just follow the steps below:
1) Install PDF Butler
  1.     This is the installation of the AppExchange package. The install itself might take a few minutes.
2) Setup Sales Cloud Demo
  1. Self-register: a single click to register for PDF Butler. Make sure to COPY the credentials if you want to use the SIGN Butler demo as well.
  2. Setup PDF Butler config: We setup a DocConfg with a Template to be used on an opportunity. The demo only uses Standard fields.

3) Add logo to Opportunity Account (Optional)
  1. Account: Go to the Account that is linked to the Opportunity you want to demo from and find the FILES related list.
  2. Logo: Add a logo of your customer to the Account. This logo will be used in the generated document.
  3. Logo Name: Change the Title of the File to start with "logo".

4) Add Lightning component to Opportunity Record Page
  1. Edit page: Drag & Drop the PDF Butler Preview component on the Opportunity Record Page.
  2. Add component: Drag & Drop the PDF Butler Preview component on the page.
  3. Copy DocConfg Id: Configure the component to use the DocConfig that was added in the previous step.